General Description
Aperture Priority auto exposure. Mechanical shutter allows 1/60 for flash, 1/250 and 1/1000 also available for un-metered manual exposure. Facility for auto-winder and dedicated flash. Hot-shoe and pc socket. Apparently this model was the first SLR to be supplied with a zoom lens, the 43-75mm. The camera was also available in Black or Chrome.
Type 35mm   focal-plane   shutter   single-lens   reflex camera with TTL exposure meter coupled with the shutter and diaphragm 
Film Used  135 cartridge-packed film 
Picture Size  24 x 36mm
Standard Lens Fujinon 1:1.4 f=50mm: 6 components, 7 elements
Lens Options

Fujinon 1:1.8 f=55mm; 4 components, 6 elements;

Fujinon Z 1 3.5-4.5 f=43-75mm; 7 components, 7 elements.

Full aperture light metering, rectilinear helicoid mount; 49mm dia. screw-in filter; fully automatic diaphragm with multiple system f-stop scale and click stops.
Shooting Distance

0.45m - with F1.4 50mm and F1.8 55mm lenses

Shutter Focal-plane shutter, electronic (automatic) shutter speed control at 1/2-1/1000 sec; mechanical (manual) shutter speed setting at 1/60, 1/250 and 1/1,000-sec. Self cocking combination shutter release button electronic circuit switch (pressing the shutter release button activates the AE lock); provided with safety lock.
Self-timer 8-sec. interval; activated by depressing start button.
Viewfinder Pentaprism, eye-level, silver coated, 0.96x magnification; 90% vertical 92% horizontal field of view (with F1.8 55mm lens); LED and scale shutter speed indication, quick-return mirror.
Mirror Quick return type



TTL Center-weighted averaging-type metering system; silicon photodiode light receptor aperture-preferred automatic exposure control; provided with AE lock, and fractional exposure control for +1 and +2 and --1 and --2 stops.
Coupled Range ASA 25-3200 (1/3rd step), EV2 - EV18 (f/1.4 1sec - f/16 1/1000 sec. with ASA 100 film)
Power Source Three 1.5V silver oxide batteries (Mallory MS-76 or Eveready S-76).,

Film Advance

Single-stroke lever; 140o winding angle. Motorized film winder (Fujica Auto Winder, Advance optional) advances film and cocks shutter each time shutter is released.
Frame Counter Automatic resetting additive type.
Film Rewind Rewind button and crank
Flash Synchronization Hotshoe with X-contact (provides automatic exposure with Fujica Auto Strobo AZ (optional): X-contact terminal; 1 /60 flash synchronization.
Lens Mount Praktica screw mount, 42 , 1 P mm
Dimensions 133 x 87.5 x 50.5mm body alone.
Weight 580g. body alone (including body cap and batteries)
Accessories (included) Carrying strap, lens front cap, viewfinder eyepiece cap
Optional Accessories Hard case, Eyecup, eyesight adjustment accessories attachment lens, rightangle finder, close-up lens, extension tube (auto), microscope adapter, reverse adapter, extension bellows, Macrocinecopy, lens hood, Fujica Auto Winder, Fujica Auto Strobo AZ.
Manual You can view a copy of the manual Here

1977 Test Report from AP Here

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Original Sales Brochure Here The password is Fujica