General Description
Open-aperture manual, no facility for replacement back, auto winder or dedicated flash. Hot-shoe flash contact only. Mechanical shutter.
Type 35mm   focal-plane   shutter   single-lens   reflex camera with TTL exposure meter coupled with the shutter and diaphragm.
Film Used  135 cartridge-packed film. 
Picture Size  24 x 36mm
Normal Lens X-Fujinon F1 6, 50mm DM 6 components,6 elements, or X-Fu]inon F2.2, 55mm 4 components, 4 elements. 49mm screw-in filter, fully automatic aperture setting, geometrical progression apertures with click stops.
Shooting Distance

0.6m - With F1.6 50mm lens, 0 6m - with F2.2 55mm lens.

Shutter Focal-plane shutter, B-1/2-1/700 sec. Film speed indicator window built into Shutter Speed Selector Dial, built-in self-timer, X-contact hotshoe.
Viewfinder Pentaprism eye-level viewfinder 0 96 X magnification, 90% vertical 92% horizontal field of view (with F2.2 55mm lens), shutter speed scale and indicator needle; microprism focusing center, split image and ground glass quick return type.
Mirror Quick return type.



TTL center weighted averaging type Silicon photo-cell receptors coupled to FET (Field Effect Transistor)circuit, zero in type indicator needle visible in viewfinder.
Coupled Range ASA 25-3200 (1/3rd step), EV2-EV17-2/3 (f/1.4 1/2 sec - f/1.6 1/700 sec. with ASA 100 film)
Power Source Two 1.5V alkaline-manganese batteries (LR44), 1.35V mercury batteries (HR44) or 1.5V silver-oxide batteries (SR44).

Film Advance

Single-stroke lever, 140o winding angle, self-cocking shutter, easy loading
Frame Counter Automatic resetting additive type.
Film Rewind Hand crank.
Flash Synchronization X-contact hotshoe.
Lens Mount Fujica X mount.
Dimensions 133 x 86 x 88mm ( 5.24 x 3.39 X 3 47inch) with F2.2 lens.
Weight 690g. with F2.2 lens mounted (including batteries and lens cap) 540g. body alone (including body cap).
Optional Accessories Eyecup, Eyesight Adjustment Lens, Right-angle Finder. Automatic Extension Tubes. Microscope Adapter, Reverse Adapter, Automatic Extension Bellows, Lens Hood, Mount Adapter-X-S, Teleconverter 2X, Gadget Bags L, S, Fujica Filters, Auto Strobo AZ, Auto Strobo 300X. Slide Copier, Focussing Rail, Macrocinecopy.
Manual You can download a copy of the manual Here The password is Fujica