General Description
An updated version of the ST605N with open aperture metering and shutter lock. Most of the details below are from the 605N but should be the same for the MkII.
Type 35mm   focal-plane   shutter   single-lens   reflex camera with TTL exposure meter coupled with the shutter and diaphragm.
Film Used  135 cartridge-packed film. 
Picture Size  24 x 36mm.
Normal Lens FUJINON 55mm F1.6 (4 components, 5 elements), FUJINON 55mm F2.2 (4 components. 4 elements). 49mm screw-in filter, fully automatic aperture setting, geometrical progression apertures with click stops.
Shooting Distance

F1.6 55mm 2 feet (0.6m) to infinity, F2.2 55mm 2 feet (0.6m) to infinity.

Shutter Focal-plane shutter, B-1/2-1/700 sec. Film speed indicator window built into Shutter Speed Selector Dial, built-in self-timer. X contact and hotshoe.
Viewfinder Pentaprism eye-level viewfinder 0.96 X magnification. 92% field of view (with F2.2 55mm lens), shutter speed scale and indicator needle, microprism focusing center, split image and ground glass
Mirror Quick return type



Stopped-down TTL center weighted averaging type light metering Silicon photo-cell receptors coupled to FET (Field Effect Transistor) circuit, zero in type indicator needle visible in viewfinder.
Coupled Range ASA 25-3200 (1/3rd step), EV2-EV17-2/3 (f/1.4 1/2 sec. - f/1 6 1/700 sec with ASA 100 film).
Power Source Two 1.6V nickel-zinc batteries (Toshiba NZ-13) or 1.5V silver oxide batteries (Eveready S-76E, Mallory MS-76H or UCAR S-76E)

Film Advance

Single-stroke lever. 140o winding angle, self cocking shutter, easy loading. 
Frame Counter Automatic resetting additive type.
Film Rewind Hand crank
Flash Synchronization FP, X, Hotshoe.
Lens Mount Praktica screw mount, 42 , 1 P mm
Dimensions 5.24 x 3.39 X 3.47mch (133 X 86 X 88mm) with F2.2 lens.
Optional Accessories Hard Case, Eye Cup, Eyesight Adjustment Attachment Lens, Rightangle Finder, Close-up Lens, Extension Tube (auto), Microscope Adapter, Leica mount Adapter, Reverse Adapter, Extension Bellows, Macrocmecopy, Lens Hood.