General Description
Type 35mm focal-plane shutter single-lens reflex camera with TTL exposure meter coupled with the shutter and diaphragm.
Film Used  135 cartridge-packed film. 
Picture Size  24 x 36mm
Standard Lens X-Fujinon 1:1.6 f=50 mm DM, 6-component, 6-element, EBC X-Fujinon 1:1.6 f=50 mm DM, 6-component, 6-element, EBC X-Fujinon 1:1.2 f=50 mm DM, 7-component, 7-element, X-Fujinon Z 1:3.5 - 4.5 f=43 - 75 mm DM. 7-component, 7 element.
Shooting Distance

0.6m - With F1.6 50mm lens.

Shutter Cloth focal plane, electronically controlled from 1/2 second to 1/1000 second in 1/4 steps (digital control; oil less metal. Shutter Speed Selector Settings: AE, 60, B, OFF.
Viewfinder Silvered pentaprism eye level type. 0.98 X magnification, 92% vertical and horizontal field of view. Viewfinder Information: LED shutter speed indication, over and underexposure warning, battery check signal.
Mirror Coated, quick return type.

Exposure Meter

Silicon photocells. center-weighted averaging system.
Coupled Range ASA 12-3200 (1/3rd step), EV0-EV19 (f/1.4 2 secs - f/22 1/1000 sec. with ASA 100 film)
Power Source 6V silver-oxide battery (JIS-4G13), Eveready No. 544, Mallory PX28, or alkaline-manganese battery (Eveready No. 537).

Film Advance

Single-stroke lever on camera top: provision for advancing film in small increments 144 degree winding angle, 25 degree stand off.
Frame Counter Automatic reset, additive; counts backward during film rewind, remains still during multiple exposure.
Film Rewind Rewind button and crank button automatically returns to normal position when crank is wound.
Flash Synchronization X contact. 1/60 sec. hot shoe; special contacts for exclusive flashes. Automatic flash exposures, automatic shutter speed setting with exclusive flashes.
Lens Mount Fujica X mount.
Dimensions Body: 135x84x48.5 mm. With 1.6/50 mm lens: 135x86x87 mm.
Weight 645g. with F2.2 lens mounted (including batteries and lens cap) 500g. body alone (including body cap).
Included Accessories Hard case, carrying strap, lens front cap, viewfinder eyepiece cap, rubber lens hood.
Optional Accessories Fujica Auto Winder X. Fujica Auto Strobe AZ, Fujica Auto Strobe 300X, Fujica Photo Recorder, Fujica Mount Adapter X S. Fujica Auto Extension Tube X25, Fujica Auto Extension Tube X50, Fujica Auto Bellows X, Fujica Slide Copier X. Fujica Microscope Adapter X, Fujica Macro Cine Copy X, Fujica Reverse Adapter X, Fujica Focusing Rail X, Fujica Right angle Finder, Fujica Eyesight Correction Lenses, Fujica Eyecup, Fujica Teleconverter 2X.

You can download a copy of the manual Here The password is Fujica

You can download a copy of the repair manual Here