Authors and History

Having started my website for Pentax manuals, I became interested in the screw mount Fujica bodies mainly to use with my Pentax lenses because of the bright finders. This proved to be a costly decision as various X-mount bodies and lenses followed. Along with the cameras I acquired some manuals which I originally published on the Pentax-Manuals site. I also found that unlike Pentax, there was a dearth of information on Fujica's on the Web. One notable exception was Chris Eve's site which consisted of one page summarizing the cameras and lenses. Unfortunately the Toptown site which hosted this was withdrawn. This was discussed on the Fujica Group and a couple of members had saved the site and it is now available elsewhere. Prompted by this discussion, I decided to try and redress the balance and produce a more detailed site dedicated to the Fujica SLR's and this is the result. 

Apart from the time taken to scan and compile the manuals, the Pentax site was relatively easy to do. Had I realized how much work this site would take, I may well have given up after my first attempt. However, with much help and encouragement from the members of the Fujica group, I have carried on. As many of them had taken the trouble to photograph parts of their collection and sent me the files, I could hardly do anything else. There are still a large number of holes and some of the facts may be wrong so if you have any information, pictures or ideas that would improve the site, I would be glad to hear from you!


Te-Ching, Norma Diana, Ivan Genchev, Peter Gregar, Robin Pywell, 


Bill Cummings, Kaushik Mallick, Ian Midwinter,  Keith Rock, Yoshifumi Tokoyoda, Michael White